Greek-American Historical Museum of Washington State

2015 History Competition

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Sponsored jointly by Greeks in Washington and AHEPA Firwood District 22, the 2015 Greek-American History Competition asked young people, ages 15 to 21, to document stories of the Greek and Greek-Americans in Washington and Oregon.  The media could vary.  The content could address immigration, contributions to society, the influence of culture and the maintenance of traditions. The submissions of the competition winners are presented here.  Awards were given at the annual Greek Independence Day celebration on March, 26 2016 at the St. Demetrios Hall in Seattle.  Pictured along with the winners is Shawn Carkonen who chaired this years competition.
First place – Sophia D Looney
20×24” panel of 12 Haiku poems on water color backgrounds, all enclosed in a Plexiglas covering

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Second place – Samantha Pess

8 ½ x 11” Pencil drawing and poem “Patra”

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Third place – Demetra S Xenos


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Honorable Mention – Anna Gilbert, a student in the University of Washington’s Hellenic Studies Program submitted the following essay based on her experience in the Study Abroad program.

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By John Nicon from photos and content of submissions, March, 2016
NOTE: The Greek-American History Competition was open to people ages 15 to 21 who are part of or connected to the Greek community of Washington and Oregon.  The purpose was to document the experience of Greeks in both states using media of choice; video, artistic renderings, essays, etc.  This was the second competition.