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Found Treasures

Susan Auerbach with George Asimakopoulos, Anna Asimakopoulos, Theodora Antipas, Effie Wells, Artemis Delimitrios, Maria Coltos, Frank Halbous, and Maria Lkieros
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memories_clip_image002In April of 2011 while sorting through a box of memorabilia a well-remembered document about Greek music surfaced. A found treasure: “Musical Memories of Nine Seattle Greeks.” This hour-long documentary tape recording of folk songs with narrative and photographs of participants was the result of a 1980 research project authored, narrated and produced by Susan Auerbach (above left) while a graduate student in the division of Ethnomusicology, School of Music at the University of Washington in Seattle.

It came to me through Effie Wells (above right), one of the nine. This was a treasure I wanted to share. Mindful of the stated rights for the use of the project, and to confirm that internet posting was within those rights, phone calls and internet searches to locate Susan Auerbach were made but were unsuccessful. What next? Vowing to be true to the intent of the research project, it was prepared for on-line presentation.

And to Susan, thank you, wherever you are.

By Joann Nicon, June 2011

As Susan wrote in the project’s introduction, “Welcome; we invite you to share in the musical memories of some of your fellow Greeks in Seattle.” All nine Seattle Greeks are included in the audio tracks below. Photos of them appear following the audio tracks. Click on the audio track icons 1 through 16 consecutively to hear the entire story.

“I cherish the hours I spent with these wonderful people and wish them cronia polla.” (Many Years) –Susan Auerbach