Greek-American Historical Museum of Washington State

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Museum News – December 2017


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
from the Greek-American Historical Museum of Washington State

It was another successful year for Greeks in Washington.

  • Online “exhibits” continue to be posted every two weeks.
  • Over 600 items from the archive collection are now available for viewing online.
  • A recognition dinner was held in May to honor those who have shared their stories.
  • Greeks in Washington worked with AHEPA, Helenes of the Northwest and others to bring music, film and lecture presentations to the community.
  • A Greek communal calendar has been established to help schedule and minimize conflicting dates of important events.
  • Exhibits and photos from the Museum are being shared on a regular basis via Facebook and Instagram in addition to the home page.
  • The Museum was also referenced in a book entitled Lost Restaurants of Seattle by Chuck Flood.
  • Content from the museum was used in memory of several Greeks who passed away this year and had shared their stories. May their memory be eternal.

Here are three recent photographs of those active Greeks and Greek-Americans that meet regularly to maintain friendships and preserve our heritage.

(l-r) REAR: Dave Parish, John Chigaras, Ted Dimitriou, Bob Read, Gus Dumas, John Panagiotou, Harry Tourikis; CENTER: Tom Barbas, Dave McFarlan, Demetrios “Jimmy” Voltsis, Steve Mallos, Santa, Gus Cooper; SEATED: Vasili Varlamos, John Nicon, Nick Katholos, Sam Panagiotou.

YIAYIA LUNCH GROUP – December 2017
(l-r) REAR: Lisa Panagiotou, Patti Kost, Rosalie Boulieris, Cathy Chohlas-Wood, Wanda Gikas, Frances Barnecut, Saundra Maroussis, Jean Katsandres, Dorothy Haskell, Maria Kaltsounis, Carol Asimakopoulos, Maria Barbas; CENTER: Christina Meletis, Maria Stavros, Eleni Petratos, Dina Bakamus, Lula Babarakos, Litsa Polychronopoulos, Kay Betts, Effie Chriest, Eleni Kalasountas, Nina Varlamos; SEATED: Maria Nikolidakis, Betty Saites, Maria Kost, Eleni Christo, Carol Mykris, Demetra Dennis

(l-r) Pete Sideris, John Xydis, Jim Linardos, Andras Pantelias, Dean Lentgis, John Chigaras, Terry Karis, George Serpanos


(l-r) Evelyn and Louie Lallas, Chris Roumeliotis, Cathie Whitesides and Hank Bradley